Cain Raban Mallon – Superhero!

Cain Raban Mallon - CACIn June 2013 my 26 year old partner, Cain, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gliobastoma Multiforme.
The tumour they found in his brain was the near the size of a tennis ball. He had a biopsy & our worlds fell apart when we were told it was cancer. The tumour resection was a 5 hour procedure & it went well, except the doctors rushed him home the day after & he deteriorated so drastically over the weekend losing nearly a stone in 4 days & all of his fluids. He almost died. We returned him to hospital & after 2 weeks of care he was sent home. However, he was sent back within a few days after complaining his head was in agony. After another MRI we discovered the surgeon had actually made a fault & Cain had contracted staphylococcus. He had to have his skull taken off (he still doesn’t have one) & a pick line inserted into his heart through which he administered antibiotics for 6 weeks, 4 times a day from a drip. This negatively affected his treatment for radiotherapy as it meant it was postponed leaving the aggressive tumour chance to grow again. Finally Cain went through his radiotherapy. He was sick a few times, but nothing too much to handle. His chemotherapy tablets (temozolomide) were taken alongside this as well. He lost all of his hair, which for a young man IS a big deal. But he didn’t complain. He’s now in his second bout of chemo. His blood platelets in his bond marrow have been weak the past 2 weeks so his chemo has had to stop over Xmas, & he’s also contracted a chest infection, which apparently can be deadly when your immune system is low, but he continues to fight each day. He’s looking forward to climbing, walking & biking once again next year. Here’s to 2014 & Cain Mallon, the bravest man I know!