You chose your cancer well

You chose your cancer well…. They were the words of my surgeon, and he was right, not that I chose cancer at all, but testicular cancer would be the one to have. My right nad may disagree were it still here.
I owe a lot to my cancer though, which may sound a little strange to those who have not walked in my shoes. Many of you will have done.
My cancer was treated with a simple operation. No chemo, no radiotherapy. But even at that, it was a real wake up call. Although I live life to the full(ish) there was a lot of things I would just put off. ‘Cant afford it.’ ‘Don’t have time’. Excusses we all use to often I dare say. Well after my op I made sure that some things I didn’t put off doing. I made two visits too the Olympics with my son. This was just a couple of things.
During my recovery period, I decided to take on the CCC, a 100km run in the Alps. For this I needed to get 2 qualifying points in by the end of the year. I gained my 2 points by completing the Norfolk Ultra 100 km just six months after my diagnosis.
I decided from the off that this would be a good chance to raise money for a cancer charity. Having heard the words ‘You have cancer’ and how that affects you, I couldn’t get my head around how the words ‘Your child has cancer’ and decided pretty much straight away to run for Children with Cancer UK.
Of course I’ll be purchasing my CAC T-Shirt.
Wish you all the best with your battles, your loses and your lives.
Pete 🙂