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Physio clinic for climbers

16th June 2021

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Cristiano Costa, has been a climber for 33 years, he has 22 years experience in the NHS through different physiotherapy departments.

For over 16 years he has specialised in musculoskeletal injuries with a special interest in upper limbs.

 He has also been treating climbers of all levels and abilities since 2005, combining his experience of working for the NHS and being an active climber himself.

Being a long time climber and an experienced physiotherapist, puts Cristiano in a position to identify, quickly diagnose, treat and rehabilitate climbing injuries.

He has had great success working with climbers of all levels, abilities and expertise, using evidence based practise combined with a holistic approach to his assessment and treatment.

His treatment approach not only helps with recovery and rehabilitation it can also minimise the risks of recurring injuries as well as enhance performance.

“See a physio before you need one, is Cristiano’s personal recommendation, don’t let those niggles hinder your performance.”

Cristiano is planning to hold a physiotherapy clinic at VauxWall Climbing on the 26th June. All proceeds from this clinic will be donated to CAC

If you would like to book a session please contact hello@climbersagainstcancer.org and we will give you a timeslot and take the payment for you.

We will need to take some personal information to pass on to Cris.

Note from Cris :-

I’m following WHO recommended measures to disinfect surfaces and clear room air. I’m also wearing a mask and asking clients to do the same. 

In case if anyone being symptomatic I need to be contacted so that I can take all the appropriate measures to trace and track to avoid the spread. Obviously during this process everyone’s personal data shall never be revealed.

Please note that you need to be a registered climber for insurance purposes, easier to do it over the internet, there is a charge at the Center.

Go to https://www.vauxeast.co.uk/pre-register/ to register with the centre. You must be registered to take part in the clinic.