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Most people have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it’s through a family or friend, or even a personal battle. Share your story here and let others know they’re not alone in the climb against cancer.

Inspirational Mother

By Peter Pearson

When I found out my mother had cancer that was the beginning of my new hobby climbing! I decided to show her that if I could climb mountains with a bad back then she could also climb her own mountain fighting cancer. Although sadly she has now died her illness and bravery inspired me to…

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A lost uncle

By Unknown

My uncle recently lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed with stage 4 in December, and passed away on February 1. I am an avid climber, and he was always quite the outdoorsman. I once told him that I would take him climbing, but we never got the opportunity. He would spend days,…

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La guadaña

By Ramón

Hola a todos. En enero de 2012,empezé a notar molestias en un testiculo,despues de autoexploración pasé a urologo,me hicieron pruebas y analisis me diagnosticarón un tumor,la guadaña se poso sobre mi,seguí escalando a modo de desahogo sin grandes pretensiones,estuve esperando la operación 2 meses,por fin en julio me la hicierón y extirparón completamente el testiculo,ahora…

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My Father

By Elf

My father overcame Cancer twice, but about 6 months after the latest I started to realise how it not only chanced and affected his own life but also mine. I see a slight fear in eye's when I'm talking to him, he sees my worries. We don't have BIG conversations about it, but we know...!!!!…

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Just Another Mountain

By Phil Howes

After having trouble swallowing I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer before christmas 2012. I am presently about to start my second cycle of chemo and my hair is starting to go.. However.. I see this all as just another mountain to climb and I think that, just as in climbing, I will take each obstacle…

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My story

By Pat

Thursday January 24, 2013 The Beginning In 2006, I first started getting a pain in my groin area when I lay down, I thought I was just doing to much sport, hockey, football, running and had just started climbing. I went to my family doctor. After a routine examination, she said she was not sure,…

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