About CAC


“In Life We Are All Climbers”

Through the worldwide climbing community we aim to increase awareness and raise funds for research in the continued fight against a disease that affects so many.


Climbers Against Cancer is run purely by volunteers and none of the money raised is used for administration, travel or any other expenses.

Funds are raised through the sale of the brightly coloured CAC t-shirts, warm and comfy hoodies, cool underwear and climbing holds via the website. Many fundraising events have taken place around the world with supporters selling the charity garments, climbing the height of famous mountains at their local walls/gyms, running marathons and many other interesting initiatives.


Climbers Against Cancer is a truly global campaign with t-shirts etc being sold across all five continents and climbers, their friends and families are wearing the CAC logo with pride on rock faces, in climbing centres and in every day life. The charity is very inclusive and given it’s international nature we decided from the very beginning that the donations should reflect this and contributions to cancer research would in time take place in every country.

Using International climbing events as the foundation for many of the donations means we can gain more publicity and promotion for the work we are all doing through the worldwide live TV streaming, social media, climbing publications and most importantly via the climbers and spectators.

Each and every donation is to the value of £10,000 or the equivalent amount depending on the local currency and is made directly to cancer research. The facility receiving the cheque is chosen by the trustees of the charity using a selection criteria and much discussion takes place before a final decision is made.

A list of the previous donations can be found below and relevant news articles on the CAC website.


$15,000 Dollars donated to the NSW Cancer Council at the Australian National Championships held at the Sydney indoor climbing gym, Villawood.


At the IFSC World Cup (L) held in Briançon the French research facility La Ligue Contre le Cancer received a cheque for €11,500 Euros


At the Boulders Climbing gym in Central Saanich, Vancouver Island $15,000 Dollars were donated to the BC Cancer Foundation during the IFSC World Youth Championships.

Great Britain

A contribution of £10,000 Pounds was handed over to a representative of the Christie Hospital Research Facility at the IFSC Promo event The Climbing Works International Festival in Sheffield.


The American Cancer Research Institute received $16,000 Dollars at the IFSC Boulder World Cup event held in Vail, Colorado.


Another donation on behalf of climbers worldwide was made at the IFSC World Bouldering Championships held in the Olympic Stadium Munich where €13,333 Euros (added contribution by the German Alpine Federation DAV of approximately €1133) was given to the Helmholtz-Association DKFZ.

South Korea

The IFSC World Cup event in Mokpo, Korea is the location for the next donation and on behalf of the global climbing family and represented by current World Champion Jain Kim and CAC Ambassador Kimanda Jarzebiak a cheque for 17,146,787.00 Won (£10,000) was handed over to Mr Geon Kook Lee of the National Cancer Centre Korea.


The 8th donation from Climbers Against Cancer was made at the European Boulder Championship in Innsbruck. The contribution of £10,000.00 (€14,000.00) was made on behalf of the charity by Founder John Ellison accompanied by OEWK President Dr. Eugen Burtscher to the Tyrollean Cancer Research Institute based in Innsbruck and represented by Univ.-Prof. Dr.Raimund Margreiter.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone around the world who are supporting Climbers Against Cancer. Wether a star of competition climbing, mountaineering, recreational climbing, someone just starting out in the sport or maybe a family member or friend you have all played a very important role in getting the charity noticed around the globe. By wearing the brightly coloured t-shirts, hoodies etc with pride we are collectively sending out a message of positivity,
happiness and strength to a disease that unfortunately affects so many either directly or indirectly.

Special thanks must go out to all the volunteers who have given their free time to help with the unseen work that is required to make the charity work. Folding, bagging and shipping thousands of t-shirts, hoodies etc is a thankless task but one that is very gratifying when you see the locations where the garments are heading. From Alaska to Australia, Canada to China and Singapore to South Africa the list is endless. We have literally dispatched CAC garments to every corner of the globe and without help this wouldn’t have been possible. Oliver, Simon, Dorothy, John, Jayne and the ladies at the unit thank you for helping with the ‘nuts and bolts’ of helping CAC run smoothly on
a daily basis.