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12th April 2024

(version française suit) 10 years ago, our founder John Ellison felt confident that the climbing community would rally to support his desire to raise funds to combat cancer.   Last weekend, 6 April, our French CAC ambassadors Sheila and Sophie McCarron (picture right) experienced that sense of community in spades at the Centre-Val de Loire…

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3rd April 2024

For the October Global Awareness Month for Breast Cancer, CAC have collaborated with Breast Cancer UK to support their mission: to prevent breast cancer through education, scientific research, collaboration, and policy change. All profits from every pink (the BC awareness colour) item of CAC gear have been added to £5,000 from CAC's charity funds and…

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1st April 2024

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, and Climbers Against Cancer are supporting Bowel Cancer UK  to support their mission: Beating bowel cancer together. The awareness colour for Bowel Cancer is Blue, so from April right through until the end of June, all the profits (that’s typically around 40%) from the sale of every blue item of…

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Donation to Prostate Cancer Research – £7,568 to support ‘reMOVE’ exercise pilot project

27th March 2024

For the September Global Awareness Month for Prostate Cancer, CAC have collaborated with Prostate Cancer Research to support their mission: No man left behind – a world free from the impact of prostate cancer. All profits from every blue (the PC awareness colour) item of CAC gear have been added to £5,000 from CAC's charity…

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Climbers Across Continents Against Cancer – Our Multi-Lingual T-Shirt

1st March 2024

John Ellison, CAC Founder, was inspired to found the charity whilst sat amongst friends from around the globe at the World Climbing Championships in Paris. It became clear to him just how unique climbing is as a sport and how special we are as climbers. No matter what nationality, creed or colour there is a…

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Wow! You fundraised and donated £46,000 in 2023 – Thank you so much!

4th February 2024

Your CAC Trustees have been looking back on 2023, and WHAT A YEAR! Like any organisation (even a tiny one like Climbers Against Cancer) it takes a while to pull together the official charity accounts, but a first look at the numbers from last year are AMAZING! Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our…

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The CAC newsletter that’s been missing from your life

28th January 2024

One of our New Year's projects was to create a newsletter, summarising all the CAC info and posts you may have missed on your different social media feeds, and the website articles you perhaps wanted to read then forgot to go back to. Our new website will be coming soon (we're pretty excited), and newsletter…

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Upcycling and tomatoes against cancer

21st January 2024

We spoke recently to Avril Gall, a long-time CAC supporter who has a very unusual way of raising funds for her favourite charity.  CAC: Avril, could you tell us how you got involved in CAC and how long ago? Avril: John (Ellison, our founder – Ed.) was assistant manager when my daughter was in the…

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Calling all volunteers

19th December 2023

Got more CAC T-shirts than there are days in the week? A bit strapped for donation cash? We get it! So perhaps you're wondering how you can help your favourite cancer charity other than financially? Good news! You can become a CAC volunteer! We are often approached by clubs and halls who are organising an…

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Climbing Walls Against Cancer – Celebrating some of our great collaborations over the last year!

17th December 2023

Walls are a vital part of the Climbing Community, and at CAC we are lucky enough to enjoy brilliant support from walls and climbing centres across the UK and beyond! Here are just a few highlights of how we’ve collaborated with walls over the last year to raise around £10,000! A huge thank you to…

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14th November 2023

The Climbers Against Cancer stand will be attending the Kendal Mountain Festival   again this year. It is always a great time to catch up with so many of our amazing supporters. There are so many films and talks to attend, it makes for a really full and interesting weekend! We will be launching our…

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Donation number #3

7th October 2023

On Saturday 30th September, during the Serbian National Climbing Championships, we presented a £10,000 cheque to the Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” @ibiss.bg.ac.rs at the University of Belgrade, - This was our first donation in Serbia, and who better to make the presentation than our long-standing athlete ambassador Staša Gejo @gejostasa ?! Thanks to…

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