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Climbers Against Cancer are fortunate to have a team of generous and passionate trustees who help to shape our charity in various ways. Without these people a lot of things wouldn’t be possible and we’re extremely proud to have them as part of the CAC team.

Dominic Oughton

Dominic Oughton has been climbing for around 40 years and lists El Cap, Gogarth and Hobson Moor Quarry amongst his favourite crags. He's been involved in fundraising for CAC for a number of years including a sponsored "Mile Climb" and a couple of charity calendars in association with the Rucksack Club (of which he is a member). He's also a Trustee of the BMC Access and Conservation Trust and a member of the NW Area Committee. You'll find more info on his blog www.rockaroundtheworld.co.uk

Sheila McCarron

Scottish-born climbing mum/amateur photographer Sheila has lived in France most of her adult life, meeting CAC founder John Ellison at the World Championships in Paris in 2015. He enlisted her help to communicate with the French climbing community and she has acted as ambassador for CAC there ever since. As trustee, she hopes to ensure the international aspect of the charity is represented on the board.

Andy Dodd

Andy is usually found in ultra - distance cycling events, but with an interest in many sports Andy manages to keep a finger hold on climbing. Living in a van he will often rock up at walls across the UK just to use the showers, but usually coinciding with competitions in order to raise money and awareness of CAC. The response from the climbing community over the past 5 years of volunteering has urged Andy to step up and commit more time, resource and support with the direction and future of Climbers Against Cancer.

Sue Grimshaw

An all round sports person with a love of winter sports. She is an animal lover and owner of horses, sheep and dogs. 
She plays a major role in the charity, it is Sue's company that embroider all the hoodies and her who helped John with the initial purchase of the t-shirts which were to become the base on which CAC was built. Our distribution location is currently based within Sue’s business premises and her help has been crucial for our ongoing development and progression.
Sue will remain with the charity as an independent director of the trading company.

Get Involved

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved and support Climbers Against Cancer. It’s not just about money and donations, your time is just as valuable. Below you’ll find a number of ways that you can join in the climb against cancer.

How You Can Help

Whether you want to donate, run your own sponsorship event or help in some other way we're always thankful for all of our amazing volunteers and sponsors.