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Climbers Against Cancer are fortunate to have a team of generous and passionate trustees who help to shape our charity in various ways. Without these people a lot of things wouldn’t be possible and we’re extremely proud to have them as part of the CAC team.

Sue Grimshaw

Garment Production and Distribution
An all round sports person with a love of winter sports. She is an animal lover and owner of horses, sheep and dogs. 
She plays a major roll in the charity, it is Sue's company that embroider all the hoodies and her who helped John with the initial purchase of the t-shirts which were to become the base on which CAC was built. Our distribution location is currently based within Sue’s business premises and her help has been crucial for our ongoing development and progression.

Ben Jones

Design and Website
Ben played an integral part in the initial design of CAC, working with John to create the striking logo’s and designing and building the much-acclaimed website. All designs are created at his family business, Workhouse Creative Marketing. His role is to keep all aspects of the website and social networks up to date along with the design and production of all CAC marketing materials.

Shauna Coxsey

Ranked No 1 in the World in bouldering for 2016 and 2017 Shauna is a fantastic competition athlete who is well known for her style of climbing. To add to this an M.B.E. awarded for her services to climbing in the 2016 Birthday honours, CAC is proud to have her support. She has been actively involved in the charity since its very early days. As a very popular person within the competition scene she acts as the link between CAC and the International athletes promoting the charity whenever possible at climbing events and getting the athlete ambassadors on board.

Get Involved

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved and support Climbers Against Cancer. It’s not just about money and donations, your time is just as valuable. Below you’ll find a number of ways that you can join in the climb against cancer.

How You Can Help

Whether you want to donate, run your own sponsorship event or help in some other way we're always thankful for all of our amazing volunteers and sponsors.