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Our patrons agree to donate a percentage of their sales or merchandise to Climbers Against Cancer. These dedicated organisations make a real difference helping to provide CAC with the necessary funds to continue the climb against cancer.

Not The Safe Route

Not The Safe Route was founded on a love for the outdoors, through exploring what nature has to offer to pushing yourself to the limits! We have a big passion for hiking, camping and climbing.

All our products are produce in the UK with a fair trade policy and as a company we are currently aiming for 100% sustainability through our products and suppliers by 2020. 

Not The Safe Route on your behalf will donate £1 from every order to Climbers Against Cancer & The British Ecology Society. 


Climb Europe

Explore a hand-picked selection of Europes' best climbing areas. 100% of funds raised through the climb-europe website goes to CAC. Additional info on converting a van into a climber's off-grid home on wheels and exploring Europe by van.   http://www.climb-europe.eu

Hanging by a Fred

Recycling old climbing rope into useful and beautiful things
To give new purpose to old things...and make the world a slightly more beautiful place by doing so!


Climbing product design company
Pongoose is a UK based climbing brand born out of an idea for a new style of clipstick which is the creation of Robin Rendall, a Carpenter from the South Coast of England. Robin has been climbing and bouldering for about 20 years and is most happy when attached to the sharp end of a climbing rope. He is regularly ticking off 7a’s and 7a+’s when sport climbing but is still to get that elusive 7b. He feels he just needs to magic up some more spare time and train harder! When not working, Robin and his wife Katie can usually be found climbing, mostly on the cliffs of Portland or Swanage on the Dorset coast of the UK. Robin is basically your typical hard working person, a climber just like you, who has taken a chance on creating a new brand. Although good with wood, he is also good with metal as proven by the multitude of tools he has made to manufacture the Pongoose Climber's head and bracket. He enjoys travelling, going on climbing holidays abroad, especially Kalymnos, and has the dream of living the van-life one day and climbing big walls!

Sam Pratt Photography

Photographer and climber
Sam has his grandad to thank for his obsession with climbing. As long as he can remember they would spend weekends and half term holidays exploring the local gritstone crags of Yorkshire, England. Over the years this obsession has intensified massively in conjunction with photography, giving him a whole new realm of the sport  and community to explore. Based now in Manchester he has the opportunity to work with many of the countries highest performing climbers in multiple disciplines on a regular basis, allowing him to create an ever expanding portfolio. www.samprattphotography.com

EA Mountain Skills

Mountain skills courses and experiences
EA Mountain skills offer a range of experiences and challenges which allow you to enjoy the hills and mountains of the Lake District with an experienced guide or instructor. The core value - 'mountains before money' - is what defines the team. Hiking and climbing is their way of life and they feel privileged to be able to make a living coaching clients on the same fells where they learnt. The company's priority is the mountains and the clients' enjoyment of them. As a result the sessions are run differently; rather than the large groups, shorter sessions and assembly-line approaches that have become so widespread within the industry they operate with small, private groups. This approach both ensures the impact on the upland environment is minimal and means the instructors get to know the clients well enough to adapt to their needs and support their ambitions.   http://www.eamountainskills.com