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A lovely letter

24th May 2018

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We received a lovely and heart warming letter through the post yesterday and I wanted to share it with you all. The letter is from a young man called Lucas  from Toronto. Lucas’ class was asked to do a project about a charity which touched their heart and Lucas choose Climbers Against Cancer. This is what his letter says………..

Dear John,

My name is Lucas I am a grade 6 student at John Ross Robertson Junior Public School in Toronto. This year my class was assigned to do a project regarding a charity that touched our heart. I instantly knew that I wanted to do CAC. In 2019 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer just five years later my grandma. Thanks to you my mom is happy, safe and healthy. My Grandma on the other hand is holding on by a thread and I wanted to show my support. I also love climbing. For this project we had to do a ”FUNraiser” along with a poster explaining CAC. For my event I did a huge abstract obstacle course with climbing & climbing exercises because sometimes I wish my grandma could have fun like me instead of lying down in bed all day. So I told her all about it and said ” wanna try one day” she said with a big smile ” I wish honey” it made me so so so sad. This charity helped me persevere through some pretty tough times. Please keep helping kids like me through the world wide climbing community.

“In life we are all climbers”

There are many moments that really make me realise just how important the work that we do is, This was one of them !

Thank you Lucas. May we wish your Mom and your Grandma health and peace.

See Lucas’ Letter and his art work here :-

Lucas letter 2