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A new sponsor for CAC

11th November 2021

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We are feeling very fortunate lately. We have not only had The Climbing hub and Kong Adventure joining us as sponsors but now we also have the honour of having Gekco coming along and wanting to support us.

They have joined us as a Partner of CAC and also as a patron. If you would like to join the ever growing CAC sponsors team just drop an email to hello@climbersagaistcancer.org and request some details.

In Gekco’s own words..

Gekco is a high performance climbing chalk brand established in 2020 in Yorkshire, England. The brand was born from the development of a resin free liquid chalk, to combat the issue of glassy gunked up holds in climbing gyms. Since then, Gekco has developed its product range but always considers sustainability and the environment as the leading guide in product development. From bottle return schemes to biodegradable chalk balls, Gekco is continuously striving to create the most eco-friendly methods without compromising on quality. Simply put, if they don’t consider a product to be sustainable – they won’t make it!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all 3 companies for the support that you have chosen to give us.

Your input allows us to continue to run the CAC office and to organise the all important donations.