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Bike 8,848m for Everest Climbers Against Cancer

30th April 2024

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The concept of Everesting originated with cycling, with successful attempts rewarded with a place in the coveted everesting.cc hall of fame! To record a cycling Everest, you need to pick a hill that has a Strava segment, ride up and down it until you reach the height of Everest, without any sleep. But, you can also be as creative with your Everesting as you want to be. There are hall of fame badges to be earned for short and steep climbs, long and iconic roads, off-road or suburban hills. Choosing the right hill to suit your cycling style, makes all the difference. Short and steep means lots of time out of the saddle but means covering much less distance. Longer and shallower is easier on the legs, but longer in the saddle. Do your research, recce some options and decide what will be best for you. The calculator on everesting.cc will tell you exactly how many reps you will be required to complete on your chosen Strava segment to reach your Everesting goal. Your specific training is a really important of preparing for your Everesting adventure – why not think about earning your Basecamp badge as part of your training?

Everesting is at its most fun and rewarding when it is shared with others. Your cycling and roadside crew will make all the difference, keeping you fuelled, motivated and sane! Choosing a climb that is easy to access for supporters should also come into your consideration when thinking about the type of experience you wish to have.

Check out the Everesting by CAC Supporter Paddy Craig on Strava for inspiration! …and here are some photos from last year’s Everesting efforts by Paddy and seven other members of the Harrogate Tri Club. What are you waiting for?!

Of course, there are other options for Everest Climbers Against Cancer if you don’t fancy the full 8,848m in one hit. You can aim for a Basecamp badge by covering half the distance and still enter the everesting.cc hall of fame! Alternatively, why not team up with a bunch of mates for a relay, or cover the height during a week’s bike-packing – maybe not the full Everesting kudos, but huge amounts of thanks from CAC and the great causes we support for the valuable funds you will raise in the process! Remember, when it comes down to it, we are doing this for the benefit of others, will all our fundraising proceeds being directed to cancer research facilities through the world. To get involved, register your fundraiser as a part of our Everest Climbers Against Cancer JustGiving campaign HERE. If you’d rather stand on the sidelines and cheer, you can also make a donation  HERE. Just a penny for every 10m, with gift aid, will see a tenner going to a great cause.

As an extra incentive, every challenge registered on the JustGiving campaign will receive a unique Everest Climbers Against Cancer T-Shirt featuring this logo: