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Calling all volunteers

19th December 2023

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Got more CAC T-shirts than there are days in the week?
A bit strapped for donation cash?

We get it!

So perhaps you’re wondering how you can help your favourite cancer charity other than financially? Good news! You can become a CAC volunteer!

We are often approached by clubs and halls who are organising an event and suggest we run a stand, but we’re a shoestring operation – 1 employee and 4 trustees (3 of whom are based in the UK) – so while we would LOVE to be able to say yes every time, it’s just not physically possible.

Soooo, we’re looking for kind souls who would be willing to give up the odd evening / day / weekend to run a stand at a local competition, wall or event. We would provide you with a selection of merch’ along with a (cheap) phone and payment terminal. We call it ‘CAC in a box’ 🙂 Here are some shots from recent events:

Then you just tape the box back up at the end of the comp and get it back to us by post or in person depending where you are (obviously the less we spend on shipping, the more we give to research etc.)

If you fancy ‘playing shop’ for a good cause please feel free to contact us by email at hello@climbersagainstcancer.org or call +44 (0)7360 205897 for more information. It’s a lot of fun, and you get to meet some lovely people whilst raising funds for a great cause – what’s stopping you!?

This includes non-UK volunteers!  The logistics might be a little different (especially the ‘phone and payment terminal aspect) but we can certainly try to find a solution!

We look forward to welcoming you on board!