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Climbers Across Continents Against Cancer – Our Multi-Lingual T-Shirt

1st March 2024

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John Ellison, CAC Founder, was inspired to found the charity whilst sat amongst friends from around the globe at the World Climbing Championships in Paris. It became clear to him just how unique climbing is as a sport and how special we are as climbers. No matter what nationality, creed or colour there is a natural desire to support each other and encourage one another to succeed. We have stayed true to John’s vision for CAC as a global charity, and of the more than £500,000 we have donated in our first decade, more than 80% has funded projects outside the UK:

To celebrate this fact, and bring together the climbing community across the world, we’ve launched our latest T-shirt design: Climbers Across Continents Against Cancer

This features ‘Climbers Against Cancer‘ translated into more than 20 languages from around the globe:

Here are some shots of our athlete ambassador Tom Randall strutting his stuff in his Climbers Across Continents T on tour in Thailand – check out his video on Instagram

Why not show your support for Climbers Against Cancer as part of our unique global family, and help spread the word, by getting yourself kitted out in a multi-lingual T: SHOP

You can help deliver our ambition to fund a project on every continent as a part of our tenth anniversary celebrations – watch this space for exciting news coming from Asia, Africa and North America shortly, and get in touch if you know of worthy causes and research efforts in South America and Australasia! Drop us a line at hello@climbersagainstcancer.org