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Donation to Korea.

13th June 2020

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We wanted to let you know about our upcoming donation.
We may not be able to get out and attend events or even go to the climbing walls but we are still doing what we do best!
We are giving your money away to the people who can make a difference in the fight against cancer.
A £25,000 donation will be made to the National Cancer Center Korea (NCCK), next week. This will be the second donation to this foundation since CAC began. We are excited and pleased to be donating to them once again. The photo shows the first donation made to Korea in 2014.
In the past we have made presentations of a large cheque at IFSC events being held in the relevant countries but due to the circumstances this year, we are unable to do that, however we still wanted you to be a part of the donation as it is you who have made it possible.
Thank you again for all your support. We would be unable to do this without you!!