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Everest Climbers Against Cancer

13th April 2024

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This June, “climbers” of all persuasions are invited to take on the ultimate challenge to become Everest Climbers Against Cancer, raising funds for CAC to donate to cancer-related projects. John Ellison, CAC Founder, had a vision: “In Life, we are ALL climbers” and we’re reaching out to everyone in the outdoor and climbing communities to join in this challenge. Whether on a bike or on foot; on road, trail, rock or plastic; solo or as part of a group; and over the course of the whole month or in a single push; there are numerous ways for you to accumulate the 8,848m / 29,029ft equivalent to an ascent of the World’s highest summit.

This 2024 event is building on the success of our friends at the Harrogate Tri Club – Inspired by a young member of their club, who was suffering from bowel cancer, their first “Climb against Cancer” Everesting Challenge took place on Norwood Edge, Harrogate, in October 2023. The rules of the ‘game’, outlined by the founders at Everesting.cc. are simple but gruelling: Choose a cycling climb with a specific Strava segment and cycle up and down it until the elevation gain of Mt. Everest is achieved, in a single push, without sleeping. Everesting is regarded as one of the most difficult cycling endurance events – only 27,500 successful Everestings have been officially recorded, globally. Eight members of the Harrogate Tri Club undertook this challenge with five completing a full Everest and three completing a half-Everest (Base Camp). The group managed to raise £8,000 for cancer charities, and the event really captured the attention of the local community, with roadside support from 4am until 9pm when the last participants finished.

For the 2024 Everest Climbers Against Cancer Challenge we’ve extended the rules of the game so that everyone can take part and help raise funds in the global fight against cancer. Hardcore soloists can cycle or run either to Base Camp (4,424m) or scale the full height (8,848m) and register their achievement on Everesting.cc, but we want to open up this opportunity beyond this. We’re inviting people to cycle, run, climb, hike or undertake any other physical activity that goes up and down. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, why not get a relay team together and do it as a group, or spread the ascent throughout the whole month? This is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world. The challenge will be running throughout the month of June, with a focus around the weekend of 22nd/23rd June, and we’d love for you to join us in our Everest Climbers Against Cancer Challenge.

Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting different ways you can take part, but here are a few thought provokers …

CYCLISTS! Pick your hill, saddle up and set out for the full Everesting Challenge, or set your sights on Base Camp (still a mammoth undertaking!)





CLIMBERS! How about teaming up with your climbing club, or a group of mates, and setting out to climb routes (inside or out) to the magic 8,848m total (something like 500 routes at the wall or maybe half a dozen laps of El Cap)?




HIKERS! You could cover the ground on a week’s trekking in the Alps, or get together a minibus-full of your mates to walk up one of the UK’s wonderful fells in the Lake District, Snowdonia or The Dales (maybe choose an objective other than Scafell Pike or Snowdon and enjoy some solitude whilst you are at it?)



RUNNERS! The original Everesting.cc. has a category for runners too, or perhaps you are already planning an ultra marathon or fell-running ‘big round’ that could also be an opportunity to raise much-needed funds for cancer research.




Whatever your plans, you can register your fundraiser as a part of our Everest Climbers Against Cancer JustGiving campaign HERE. Of course, if you would rather support from the side-lines, your donations would be greatly appreciated. Donate HERE.