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A warm welcome to Highball

13th September 2018

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To allow us to continue running an office , a phone and computer and to pay the one single wage that we have, we need support. When John Ellison founded Climbers Against Cancer he was adamant that he did not want any of the money that you donate or that you spend on any of the merchandise to be used to pay for these things. With that in mind he set about bringing some sponsors on board who would pay a yearly sum which would cover these necessary costs. We are fortunate to still have the support of some of these sponsors who have stuck by us along the journey. Sadly but also, understandably, some of the original sponsors have dropped out as we have evolved. Happily some lovely new ones have come along and added their names to our list. The latest edition to our Partners group are Highball Climbing centre in Norwich.

Highball have supported us with donations and events many, many times in the past so it is great to see them in the official partners list.

Thank you to Manager Mike Surtees and his team for choosing to support us.