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Send us your photos!

2nd March 2023

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Check out this great photo of  long time supporter Avril Gall and her partner rocking the new anniversary t-shirts. Taken in Bonnie Scotland.

We love to see where the items that we send out get to on their travels. Please send us any photos that you have wearing the CAC gear and we will post them on here and on the social sites. Just like this one of Kenton Cool. He is holding his t-shirt because the photo was taken at the South pole and it was -38 so he didn’t want to risk exposing his bare arms [can’t say I blame him !]

When John set the charity up he wanted it to makes it’s way around the world. We have done that but we would like to spread the name even further so when you book those next holidays to far away places don’t forget to pack your CAC! Then send us your pics.