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Two more donations

22nd August 2019

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CAC are proud to announce that we have made not one but two donations at the opening ceremony of the IFSC World Championships in Arco, Italy yesterday ( Friday 22nd August)

The cheques were presented by CAC supporter Helmut Knabl and the funds were given to both the IFOM Institute of Molecular Oncology and to the National Cancer centre of Singapore. Both organisations receiving  £25,000.00 each. Another CAC supporter, Stanley Yeo received the cheque for the Singapore centre and Kristina Havas and Anna Galgano came along from the IFOM to receive the 2nd cheque.

Thank you to the IFSC for their continued backing and support and for allowing us to make these presentations at their events. But most of all , a massive thank you goes out to you, to all our amazing supporters and fundraisers around the world. These donations would not be possible if it was not for the work that you do and the money that you raise.