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Rock Climbing saved my life!

By Unknown

As a vivid climber injuries come often, after climbing two weeks straight I felt as if I pulled a muscle in my back or did something to where I needed a break. As a young 23yo you don’t want to cry to your doctor about pain so I roughed it out and kept climbing. The pain then get worse where I wasn’t getting much sleep from pain! Sitting in bath tubs at 3am was the only thing helping my pain. Finally after about 4 urgent care doctors I was referred to see a urologist because they had found blood in my urine (usually blood in urine is kidney stones). I let a couple days go by drinking water like a fish thinking I have kidney stones. Within 30 mins of my urologist appointment he had told be basically I have teaticular cancer and when we do the CT scan we will know more. After the CT scan was viewed my doctor said we see spots in your lungs, kidney, and liver. 3 days later I underwent surgury and 2 weeks after I started 4 rounds of chemotherapy. I am now cancer free and enjoying life day by day! I honestly do believe if I didn’t enjoy rock climbing so much I would have never went to the doctors to try to get back climbing faster. Love each day and enjoy life, you only have one life to live!

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