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Climbing Walls Against Cancer – Celebrating some of our great collaborations over the last year!

17th December 2023

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Walls are a vital part of the Climbing Community, and at CAC we are lucky enough to enjoy brilliant support from walls and climbing centres across the UK and beyond! Here are just a few highlights of how we’ve collaborated with walls over the last year to raise around £10,000! A huge thank you to EVERYONE who has supported CAC, and hopefully we can work together to do even more great, fun stuff in 2024 and you will inspire others to get involved too!

CAC Centres

The most obvious way that walls support Climbers Against Cancer is as one of our official CAC Centres. There are almost thirty to choose from, spread across the country, and you can find your nearest on our Climbing Wall Finder: All of these walls make an annual contribution to CAC as well as raising awareness for our brand, so please support them with your custom!



Walls will host comps with a proportion of the entry fee going to CAC, which we are hugely grateful for. Alternatively, we are often invited to come along to comps and events with a CAC ‘Pop-Up’ stall to sell some of our colourful CAC gear and reach out to the climbing community at a local level. If the CAC team can’t make it along, then walls will sometimes organise sales with one of our ‘CAC-in-a-box’ packages of kit. As always, every penny of profit goes to fund our charitable donations! Here are a few pics from events over the last year.


Of course, it doesn’t have to be a competition – Walls are a great focal point for the local climbing community. We’ve also been invited along to ‘Birthday Parties’ and ‘Film Nights’ for example, with proceeds donated to fund cancer research.

Stocking CAC products

Not all walls have the space for a ‘gear shop’ but we are lucky enough to be ‘on the shelf’ of a few of those who do. If you see some CAC merchandise at your local wall you can be confident that the lion’s share of the selling price is heading straight into the charitable pot to fund cancer research!

Co-branded merchandise

Of course, everyone loves to show support for Climbers Against Cancer by wearing something with a CAC logo – we’ve taken this one step further with a number of walls by producing co-branded T-shirts for specific events / comps or for sale through the shop.

A huge thank you to all the walls that have supported CAC over the last year, whether as one of our CAC Centres or through another collaboration. Also a big shout out to ABC for hosting us at this year’s conference – a brilliant place where the industry comes together! If you are inspired to work with us in 2024 then do get in touch at hello@climbersagainstcancer.org  or download our: Your Wall and Climbers Against Cancer guide to find out more. There are still plenty of gaps on our CAC Centre Map to fill, throughout the world, so what are you waiting for! By bringing together the whole climbing community we can make a huge difference for those impacted by this dreadful disease!