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Donation to Prostate Cancer Research – £7,568 to support ‘reMOVE’ exercise pilot project

27th March 2024

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For the September Global Awareness Month for Prostate Cancer, CAC have collaborated with Prostate Cancer Research to support their mission: No man left behind – a world free from the impact of prostate cancer. All profits from every blue (the PC awareness colour) item of CAC gear have been added to £5,000 from CAC’s charity funds and topped up by sales of a special collaborative CAC/BMC T-Shirt from The British Mountaineering Council (The BMC) Altogether, we raised £7,568 for this important cause and made the donation at The Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) with the help of climbing superstars Alex Megos and Sean McColl and CAC Advisor, Anita Aggarwal.

The PCR Team got into the swing with a climbing Taster Session and witnessed first hand the fun and exercise benefits to be enjoyed in our wonderful sport!

CAC is thrilled that these funds are going to enable a new bespoke programme for people who have been inactive: reMOVE Research shows that even a small increase in fitness could reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Higher physical activity levels increase survival of prostate cancer patients from both prostate cancer and other diseases by potentially as much as 30% and 40%. Prostate cancer patients who are active regularly tell us that exercise helps to improve their quality of life and cope with the side effects of their treatment. You’ll find out more about the program here: reMOVE

Special thanks also to The BMC for the great collaboration – demonstrating the strength of the climbing community, and what can be achieved when we all work together. Here’s the Collaborative T-Shirt being modelled by BMC Ambassador Steve McClure.