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Most people have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it’s through a family or friend, or even a personal battle. Share your story here and let others know they’re not alone in the climb against cancer.

Just Another Mountain

By Phil Howes

After having trouble swallowing I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer before christmas 2012. I am presently about to start my second cycle of chemo and my hair is starting to go.. However.. I see this all as just another mountain to climb and I think that, just as in climbing, I will take each obstacle…

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My story

By Pat

Thursday January 24, 2013 The Beginning In 2006, I first started getting a pain in my groin area when I lay down, I thought I was just doing to much sport, hockey, football, running and had just started climbing. I went to my family doctor. After a routine examination, she said she was not sure,…

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A year in the life

By John Ellison

Sunday October 28, 2012 Hello everyone, Hope your are all ok and life is treating you as well as is possible. Usually to celebrate anniversary’s we crack open the champagne or dine at candle lit tables but this is a strange date and one were I am not sure how to respond. In one way…

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Why Me?

By John Ellison

Saturday March 24, 2012 Hello again everyone, Hope you are all ok and life is treating you well. The sun is shining on this beautiful Saturday morning and although we all share our current dilemma I must admit I am feeling extremely happy. August the 17th is a memorable date in my calendar as it…

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