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Most people have been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it’s through a family or friend, or even a personal battle. Share your story here and let others know they’re not alone in the climb against cancer.


By Danielle Denis-Lalonde

There you are, cruising up the final pitch after a perfect day up in the alpine. The afternoon sun warms your bare arms, and a smile plays on your lips as you savour the effortless flow of the climb. Everything feels right. You move without hesitation, trusting your body to dance up the rock like…

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Keep On Climbing

By Brandon Riches

Climbing has been an increasingly important part of my life since I started back in 2012. It’s crazy how the life path I was on has been completely diverted by my passion (obsession?) for climbing. Back then, I was in university working on my bachelor’s degree in engineering, and I was not athletic or interested…

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Climbers against cancer. One man’s story.

By Peter Rowlands

Imagine a life devoted to mountains and rock faces ranging from big mountains like Trisul in the Himalaya down to local quarry faces and taking in lonely windswept icecaps in Norway and Alpine faces and peaks and much more. With this, you get some idea of one man’s passion.  Pete lived for climbing mountains and…

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Edward vs The Old Man

By Nathan Mills

Edward is 8 years old and really loves climbing. For as long as he can remember, his Mum, Bekki has been living with Breast Cancer. This hasn’t stopped encouraging Edward to develop his interest and skills in becoming an accomplished little climber. Over the last year or so Bekki's cancer has spread to her liver…

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Neuroscience Student with Brain Tumor

By Stephanie Lahey

My name is Stephanie, and I'm 23 years old. In the Spring of 2014, I was socialising with friends when I suddenly wasn't able to understand any words. As a Neuroscience student, this concerned me, and I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. The doctor immediately ordered an MRI, and the results showed a mass in my…

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Then & Now

By Josh

My name is Josh and I am a rock climber from Perth, Western Australia. For as long as I can remember my brother and I were the kids who had eaten too many smarties at the party and were climbing trees, freaking all the other parents out except our own. I have always been interested…

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A welcome distraction

By Anonymous

Three years ago my then 8 year old daughter supported her best friend through losing her Mum to cancer. It was an awful time, how do you reason that situation with an 8 year old? The thing that helped make that terrible time a little better was my daughter's interest in climbing. I've never experienced…

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Rock Climbing saved my life!

By Unknown

As a vivid climber injuries come often, after climbing two weeks straight I felt as if I pulled a muscle in my back or did something to where I needed a break. As a young 23yo you don't want to cry to your doctor about pain so I roughed it out and kept climbing. The…

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Cain Raban Mallon – Superhero!


In June 2013 my 26 year old partner, Cain, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gliobastoma Multiforme. The tumour they found in his brain was the near the size of a tennis ball. He had a biopsy & our worlds fell apart when we were told it was cancer. The tumour resection was a 5 hour…

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The Warrior Within

By Craig Cornish

Imagine being a 13 year old freshman in high school. Now imagine being that same 13 year old and being diagnosed with cancer. My name is Craig Cornish and I am one of those 13 year olds who has battled and emerged victorious. I fought my entire high school life against Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IV.…

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If you worry you die, if you don’t worry you’ll still die. So why worry?

By Unknown

If you worry you die if you do not worry you will still die, so why worry? Told me many years ago by a good friend called Paddy Lambe My name is Steve 'Brick' I have been a climber, walker, and skier since 1968. I was a member of a local climbing club in Blackpool…

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Tree Of Life

By Takako Iwabuchi

It was autumn of 2007, when I was informed that I had breast cancer. Although it was low-grade, I agreed with my doctor’s advice to totally remove my right breast because of the diagnosis that showed spreading calcification along with cancer. After the surgery, my right arm could hardly move upward and it made it…

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